Consequent Efficency

The basis

  • Solidly designed frame made of fine-grained steel
  • Solid drawbar linkage
  • Upper or lower linkage can be selected freely by  turning the drawbar

Drawbar steering – less track damages (optional)

  • Drawbar steering with exact following in the tracks due to  proportionate-hydraulic control and thus smooth boom position
  • High manoeuvrability and large steering angle

Large tyres – less ground pressure

  • Wheels with diameter of up to 1.85 m
  • Maximum contact area with perfectly adapted air pressure

Unparalleled BoomControl system

  • Hydraulically spring-loaded and damped parallelogram suspension
  • Soft and smooth boom position even in hilly terrain  and at high speeds

Modern plastic tank

  • Compact tank design with extremely low centre of gravity
  • Conical geometries for low surge forces
  • 400 litre fresh water tank: enough water for a complete  inside cleaning
  • Large radii, absolutely smooth surfaces and no back tapers  for easy cleaning
  • Deep sump area for complete discharge and minimum  residual quantities even on slopes

Two equipment lines – ECO and ECO ProfiClean System 

Water system Eco

  • Piston diaphragm pump with 270 l/min
  • Filling connection 2“, starting at 5-way-valve 2“ at the suction side
  • Pressure sensor to control the spraying pressure and pressure  controller to adapt the flow rate
  • Suction and pressure can be operated manually
  • Mechanical level indicator at the mixture tank
  • Digital mixture indicator for the mixture tank in the terminal (optional)

Water system Eco ProfiClean system

  • All components of the ECO, plus additional:
  • Hydraulically driven rotary pump for inside cleaning
  • Continuous inside cleaning can be controlled from the tractor cabin
  • Function: Displacement instead of dilution
  • An additional cleaning pump feeds clear water into the pipeline system. The spraying pump sucks this  water in and uses it to force the spraying mixture residue through the nozzles out of the pipeline system
  • Quick, thorough and water consumption optimized cleaning
Measurements and Weights
Dead weight (kg) 3 450 –3 650
Tongue load empty (kg) 500 –600
Max. permissible vertical load (kg) 2 000
Axle load empty (kg) 2 950 –3 050
Max. permissible axle load (kg) 8 000
Overall length max. (transport position) (m) 7,60
Transport width (transport position) (m) 2,55
Transport height (m) 3,80 – 4,00
Track widths mechanically adjustable (m) 1,50 –2,25
Ground clearance (m) 0,70
Mixture tank nominal capacity (l) 3 800
Mixture tank actual capacity (l) 4 000
Fresh water tank (l) 400
Hand wash tank (l) 15
Spraying boom
Working widths (m) 18 – 30
Sections (depending on the boom) 5 – 13
Working height (m) 0,5 – 2,5
Pump output ECO (l/min) 270
Working pressure, max. (bar) 8
Working speed (km/h) 4 – 16