With the DF series in the CanAGRO auger screws portfolio, there is also the biggest possible range of types.

The range of services starts with model at 30 t/h (DF714V) up to types with 300 t/h (DF1615). Due to the range of this series, for every size of operation and every purpose of application, the suitable model can be found.

Compared to models with reverse folding (GNA/GVA or UHV series), however, it must be mentioned that the initial installation with the DF series is slightly more cumbersome and the switching of trailer to trailer takes a little more time.

  • Diameter: 170 mm, 180 mm, 200 mm, 220 mm
  • Power: 35 t/h, 40 t/h, 50 t/h, 75 t/h – length (unfolded): 4.30 m, 4.60 m, 4.80 m, 5.10 m, 5.50 m
  • mechanically foldable laterally
  • in series with reinforced double coil placed on a handle in the catchment area
  • Execution: full normal steel varnished/galvanised (series S)
  • Combination stainless steel external tube with galvanised steel coil (series VS)
  • Stainless steel complete (series V)
  • Height adjustment: via winch
  • 1 set of installation parts
  • 2 x 1.50 m flexible hydraulic hoses with coupling
  • Hydraulics engine with pull valve, stop cock or electromagnetic valve