Flexible track – flexible height

  • Clearance of up to 2.00 m and a track width of up to 4.00 m
  • Up to 75 cm wide tyres are possible
  • Optional: hydraulic height and width adjustment
  • Anti-slip control for optimum traction

Excellent manoeuvrability

  • Excellent manoeuvrability due to standard all-wheel steering
  • The central tube frame allows for a turning radius of only 3.5 m.

High-performance chassis

  • The pneumatically spring-loaded chassis guarantees a stable road and field handling at high speeds.

ComfortDriveFlex chassis

  • The front cabin on the central tube frame and the boom in parallelogramm suspension guarantee an optimum weight distribution – on the road and in the field.
  • The arrangement allows for enough space for a tank capacity of up to 8 000 liter and a constantly high driving stability with an optimum weight distribution of 50 : 50.
  • Each wheel of the standard chassis ComfortDriveFlex is individually suspended at the slide frame. The result is an excellent driving comfort.
  • The pneumatic individual wheel suspension adapts to the ground. The result is an extremely comfortable driving experience, and the boom control system is supported positively.
  • Due to the smooth driving characteristics, the boom control system easily manages to keep the balance even at higher speeds.
  • The flexible clearance of up to 2.00 m (depending on the tyres) allows for protecting the plants while working even in high populations.

Automotive drive control

  • Automotive drive control with standard equipment:
    • Maximum load control
    • Overspeed control
    • Driving with reduced motor speed
    • Speed control
    • Headland management
  • The driving strategy can either be determined with the accelerator pedal or with the control lever. For changing you do not have to switch.

New motor

  • Tier 5 according to current EU exhaust emission standard
  • 6.7 liter six-cylinder FPT engine
  • Turbo motor with charge air cooling
  • The Common-Rail system convinces with an impressive performance of max. 230 kW / 310 hp.
  • Maximum torque of 1 160 Nm as of 1 500 rpm
  • 40 resp. 50 km/h on the read with 1 500 rpm
  • In field mode when the boom is folded in up to 25 km/h and up to 32 km/h when the boom is folded out at 1 300 rpm and load-dependent adaption

PowerGear wheels gears with intelligent drive

  • Infinitely variable from 0 – 50 km/h
  • The efficiency factor in the main working range has been specially optimised for the use in the plant protection sector
  • Intelligent all-wheel drive: dynamically distributed drive torque – powerful and efficient
  • Selective traction control for every tyre
  • Due to larger wheel motors at the rear axle and the corresponding higher driving power, the VL easily manages any terrain.
  • Two gear box versions, depending on the field of application:
    • PowerGear with powerful drive even at steep slopes
    • HighPowerGear for more torque at the wheel and highest requirements in the field


  • Approx. 50 % incline
  • HighPowerGear shows its strength especially with low operational speed and extreme inclines.
  • When driving slowly below approx. 8 km/h or if the machine is on the verge of getting stuck, HighPowerGear provides the required power reserves to manage the most difficult situations.


Leeb VL


Leeb VL details

  • 5 000, 6 000 or 8 000 litres tank made of PE or stainless steel (8 000 litres only in stainless steel).
  • Optimised weight distribution due to the arrangement at the central tube frame with individual wheel suspension, front cabin and parallelogram suspension of the boom
  • Adaptable chassis with a clearance of 1.60 m in the standard version and up to 2.00 m with mechanical or hydraulic height adjustment.
  • Automotive drive control
  • Optimised hose laying reduces hose lengths to a minimum
  • Boom suspension has been designed as a parallelogram suspension – spring-loaded and damped hydraulically.
  • Soft and smooth boom position even in hilly terrain and at a high operational speed
  • The geometry of the parallelogram has been designed in such a way that the boom is kept close to the axle. The suspension is extremely warp resistant and thus ideal for the automatic boom control systems Leeb BoomControl.
  • Nozzle protection against mechanical damage of the nozzles and wind protection when a spraying fan develops

High-efficiency hydraulic system

  • The core of the Load Sensing system is a powerful axial piston pump with an operating pressure of 200 bar.
  • A pump capacity of 320 liter allows for carrying out all tasks easily.

Comfort, safety and functionality

Comfort cabin

  • Comfort and functionality are important characteristics of the new HORSCH Leeb VL: A lot of features like the individual wheel suspension, seat and armrest suspension, driving dynamics and the large cabin interior guarantee a new dimension of driving experience.
  • The spacious cabin offers an optimum view on the machine and the population and the inside leaves nothing to be desired.
  • A premium comfort seat: active vibration damping, seat heating and seat ventilation guarantee the driver a luxury driving experience.
  • Due to the excellent insulation, dust and noise remain outside.
  • A powerful automatic air-conditioning with heating guarantees a comfortable indoor climate.
  • Cabin filter Cat. IV to protect the user from dust, aerosols and steam
  • Heatable power mirrors
  • The height and the inclination of the steering column can be adjusted.
  • The display for the vehicle functions and the speedometer are located at the A column.
  • The ISOBUS terminal for the spraying function is integrated in the armrest.
  • The ErgoControl armrest can be adjusted in height and in length and is equipped with integrated ergonomic control elements and a joystick.
  • Passenger seat as well as numerous compartments and cooling compartment
  • DAB radio with bluetooth interface
  • Sunblinds

Optimum working conditions at night

  • Four working lights are mounted on the cabin roof as a standard.
  • Four working lights incl. TrackFinder are available additionally.

There are sufficient storage compartment everywhere on and in the cabin of the VL

  • Dust- and splash-proof boxes are integrated at the control centre and at the diesel tank.
  • A storage compartment for for example tools is located below the cabin.

Cabin comfort package (optional)

  • Mobile phone holder and cupholder
  • Velours floor mat and footrest at the steering column
  • Sun protection blind at the doors at the left and at the right
  • Leather seat