Zolochiv TX

The main activity is trade and mediation in the heating of agricultural machinery of foreign production, spare parts and aggregates to it.

Tested by time

Since 1998, the enterprise provides on its own facilities the services of reconstruction, modernization and repair of agricultural machinery of foreign production, which was used.

We are trusted

During the activity of the company, close, friendly relations with many foreign manufacturers of agricultural machinery such as `` Horsch``, `` Stoll``, `` Amit``, `` Nuhn``, `` CanAGRO``, ` `Wishek``,` `TMC Cancela`` and others.
Tutin Sasha
Khomyn Yuriy
Comercial Director
Makogonskii Volodymyr
Deputi Director
Shevchuk Ivan
Sales Manager
Roman Tsopik
Sales Manager
Chepil Andriy
Sales Manager
Oliynuk Khaluna
Chief Accountant
Igor Volynets
Chief Lawyer
Tsymbaliuk Mykhailo
Spare Parts Manager
Vasyl Voloshyn
Service Manager
Pankovetskyi Valerii
Service Manager
Pankovetskyi Viktor
Service Manager
Petro Bogach
Service Manager
Yurii Khomyn
Marketing Manager
Mykhailo Piatnichka
Service engineer
Andriy Gorodylovskiy
Service engineer
Pavlo Gorodylovskiy
Service engineer
Bogach Ivan
Service engineer