The Pronto DC is rightly called a universal seed drill. Universal from two points of view:

  • Perfect sowing regardless of the preparatory work: mulch seed, after plough or intensely mixed passes.
  • Ideal for sowing the most different crops. In addition to the classical crops, like rape / wheat / barley, it is also possible to sow grass / catch crops and so on.

Ultimate efficiency

The placement and the embedding of the seed is a crucial factor when sowing. Another essential success factor, however, is that the optimum time window for sowing can be maintained. The high operational speed of up to 20 km/h and the large seed hoppers of the Pronto DC guarantee a long range.

  • Pronto 3, 4 rigid and 4 DC: 2 800 liter single hopper
  • Pronto 6 DC: 4 000 liter single hopper

If fertiliser is used, the capacity increases to 3 800 resp. 5 000 liter.

Durable – low wear

The bearings at the working tools of the Pronto DC do not have any servicing points. HORSCH already stroke this path several years ago. Thus, the effort for the daily maintenance is reduced and a high operational reliability is guaranteed even in the most difficult conditions.